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The Thinking Piece 展は終了しましたが、作品販売は5月15日まで @place_by_method ウェブサイトで継続中。Bamboo Lattice Light は販売額の75%をウクライナ危機の人道支援のため寄付します。



I have had people tell me that the actual work is larger than they imagined, so  posting photos that gives a sense of scale with me. Although the size of the piece depends on the old tools, I’m conscious of the balance to highlight the presence of the tools. In that sense, the design is more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. It’s say Functional sculpture.

My solo exhibition ended yesterday, May 8.
Once again, a variety of people came to see, friends and new encounters. I would like to apply the insights and ideas I gained from this time to my next works.
Thank you to everyone who came during the exhibition!

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I’m participating the exhibition because this is one of the things I can do for the world today. It may be a small thing, but it is something that must be done. And I know I always have to think about what I should do.

“The Thinking Piece” is a non-profit platform that encourages designers to support various social issues and creates for communication. This activities were launched in spring this year, led by writer @tt0 and a design studio we+ (@hokutoando & @toshiya__hayashi ).
The starting point was the ongoing military attack on Ukraine, and refugees and suffers in there need support. We, as a designer, must face this situation, and think about how we commit such social issues and take action for it.
The first project of “The Thinking Piece” is an exhibition, and sells designer works by around 15 domestic and international designers, with the proceeds donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
The Thinking Piece(PLACE) by method @place_by_method 1-3-1-14 Shibuya-Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo26 Apr 2022 - 1 May / 12am - 7pmSelling period: 26 Apr 2022 - 15 MayDonation to Médecins Sans Frontières www.msf.or.jp / CARE www.care.org
Participating designers: Ryota Akiyama / AtMa / Kosuke Araki / Gottingham + Tokuko Shimizu / Ryosuke Harashima / Sae Honda / Satomi Minoshima / Wataru Miyashita / MULTISTANDARD / Rikako Nagashima / OKURAYAMA STUDIO / Sho Ota / Atsushi Shindo / Studio Drift / TAKT PROJECT / Shikai Tseng / we+

Presented by The Thinking Piece 
Supported by method inc @yuyamada_method / HOW INC @how_pr

Special thanks
Photo: @takumiota

The Washi stone weighs only 3.5 grams. It's attracted to the end of a stainless string by means of a magnet placed inside.

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ISI / いし


It rolls along the river bottom and eventually becomes a