Calico Clothing Tray

W580 × D360 × H78 mm
2018, Unique

Dressing up the antiquity tool “Clothing tray”
with Java traditional pattern

It was when I visited Mr. Akio Oba, a Hyougu master. While talking about the tools and materials of the Kakejiku -hanging scroll, I was fascinated by a fabric, A flower crest of the chintz, which is a restoration of the gold chintz produced in Java at the end of the 18th century. Originally it was used for Fukusa – tool of Japanese tea ceremony. At the same time, what came to my mind was the clothing tray that I got because I liked the shape a while ago. But the fabric of the tray was torn and had been stained with dirt. Immediately I entrusted him with the tray and asked him to dress it up using the fabric. On the side, we dare to let the fabric of vertical stripes flow sideways, and select a combination that creates a modern atmosphere while combining traditional patterns.


Photo by Nik Van Der Giesen (photo no.2 to 6 by Ryosuke Harashima)