stool, W630 × D180 × H600 mm
2022, Unique
Copper, Ebony
Collection of the artist

Growing up, I was often taken to art museums. I did not dislike putting myself in an unusual space and standing in front of a work of art. Whether it was a painting or a sculpture, I have had the urge to reach out and touch it beyond the realm of “stay away from it. I still have the desire to reach an understanding of a work only by touching it.
Therefore, I made artworks that can be touched and that are also stool.

Museum may have been the UTOPIA I was able to visit. The Japanese translation of the word “UTOPIA” is “無可有/MUKAYU” means to leave nature as it is and have nothing contrived. Also, such a state. I saw a piece of wood that had been left at random, and faced it with an act of artifice. Hoped that by creating a gradation of sharpened and polished texture, the work would stir the motivation of “touching” and “sitting” in a more conscious way.

Photo by Yukitaka Amemiya

Photo by Daisuke Yoshio

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