Location: PREGO, Kanazawa
Date: 3 Febrary – 15 April 2018

During Febraury 3 to April 15th, 2018 Ryosyke Harashima held exhibition which have a open studio and store with his works. And also he had several project between the period which are influenced his creation after the exhibition.

Idea sketches and design research materials were posted on the large white wall behind the cashier counter of the store. The gradually increasing number of sketches and materials on the wall functioned as a symbolic wall that expresses the constantly changing space while being seen by people passing by the exhibition space.

Stand out old folk tools. The contrast inspired by the space.

The place for the open studio and store was a simple white cube for apparel shops. Half of the wall is a modern space with glass walls. In an attempt to create an unusual place, collected old things that differed from the atmosphere of the city and space. At that moment, the “bamboo basket” was inspired to be made into a table. That was the Bamboo Basket Table, which was the first work of STIL LIFE.

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Attempts to utilize archives to expose academic materials

In collaboration with academic experts, held an event dealing with Opendata of academic materials stored in the historical museum. Tried an exhibition method unique to a commercial area that is different from the museum, and tried to show academic materials in an experimental way in collaboration with traditional crafts. This move led to the formation of a project team to promote design and academic collaboration.

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Clothing for Man of Creation

As an open studio that exposes design activities in the center of the city, we have tailored costumes that express a creative atmosphere. A large kangaroo pocket that holds A4 size sketchbooks and files where you can draw ideas at any time. A black robe that expresses clear will (creation), sophistication, and sensibility without getting dirty with ink or pencil. This costume was adopted for the room wear of the luxury hotel “MOGANA” completed in Kyoto, 2018.

Photo by Nik Van Der Giesen, Ryosuke Harashima

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