with at Shimazuyama

nadoya shimazuyama Exhibition vol.1

会期:2022年11月26日(土)– 2023年1月29日(日)
開場:金・土・日・祝 13:00 – 18:00

主催:などや、nanzo Inc.、原嶋亮輔
プロデュース:遠藤豊(LUFTZUG)、岡村俊輔 / 会場グラフィックデザイン:林琢磨
協力: SOMEWHERE TOKYO / 製作協力:株式会社炭澤鉄工
Special thanks: 山本真澄(PR)

Lost in ambivalent

but somehow can’t let go.

Imagine its attitude as it is.

Wonder if the things in dreaming.

with you

 I feel that it is only in this period that we can create things that start from old things made in the past. On the other hand, I sometimes ponder what significance there is or should be in continuing to create something “New”. If it is part of human nature to sustain the productivity of society in the same way that we breathe, I would rather create something intuitively beautiful and present a new image to people than get caught up in the “why”.
 I see “MONO NO AWARE” as a sense of impermanence that cannot be expressed by human technology, even in the form of tools and other objects created by humans. An android-like 1980s home appliance that retrospects the future. Cobblestone pavement that makes us imagine a landscape abandoned in a garden. Old things with flowers in bloom. We hope that this exhibition will be a place where we can share with visitors the intrinsic charm of the things that we, as makers, perceive.

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