Secret Garden

Location: Shurinkan, Ishikawa Japan
Date: 30 July – 2 August 2021

The concept of “Secret Garden” came to me early spring in 2021. When I put paint on the withered tools, they seemed to change into something modern but also I felt as if they were regaining their original life. Because it is a tool that has been around for a long time, it is able to juxtapose universality and morphing of being. This has stimulated my imagination even more.
Why do we feel flowers are beautiful? Is it because they are “flowers”?
In the Flower Gene series, I’m conscious of layering colors like flowers, not drawing “flowers”. I hope that the layering of colors will encourage people who know flowers to imagine their beauty. The people who came to the exhibition were people who know the beauty of flowers. I’m grad to have shared that time with them.

Draw colors while imagine beyond

Touch the sense what I yearn

Now here drawing air without you but

Hope you bloom

Photo by Nik Van Der Giesen, Ryosuke Harashima