Academic Supervision: AMANE LLC.
Art Direction and Design: Ryosuke Harashima

Taking Advantage of Social Distancing.
A New Sign Product placed between people

During the COVID-19 pandemic which occurred since 2020, “Kiten Project” was launched to support cultural activities in museums, libraries and Archives that were facing difficulties in operating and maintaining public spaces. The tree designed with the concept of “planting of culture” is aimed to become “Kiten”, a starting point, of offering people information on academic materials using the vacancy that emerged in public space as a result of social distancing. “Kiten Tree” aims to revitalize a decline in cultural activities. Through its social application, this product seeks to demonstrate the important connection between academic materials, cultural facilities and people.
The name “Kiten” has a double meaning. In Japanese, the phrase “Kiten” means starting point, the place where things begin. Additionally, “Kiten” could also mean “to exhibit a tree”.

Kiten Tree

The “Kiten Tree” was innovated as a tool for carrying positive messages while keeping social distancing, instead of using signages which convey rejection of people, such as “unavailable” or “X” on benches and tables at the facility.

A tree motif product that encourages people to keep social distancing. It is a new social tool that allows people to maintain a distance from each other in a positive way.

The creators, together with the curators and librarians of the facilities that hold the academic materials will collaborate through the Kiten Project, and plan to utilize those materials in various facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and hospitals. The project aims to create a safe and secure public space with rich expressions in both academic and design.

Kiten Leaf, Academy and Design

A “Kiten Leaf” hanging from the “Kiten Tree” is produced using content from digital archive of academic materials kept in cultural facilities. By selecting materials that rarely get the chance to be exhibited, the project will offer visitors an opportunity to gain new experiences and valuable insights from a wide range of materials.


Kiten leaf design format
The basic specification of the “Kiten Leaf” is an A2 size layout, consisting of two A3 vertical sheets joined together. It is being rolled up like an umbrella and hung onto a Kiten Tree. Consideration has been made to allow the same content be viewed from both left and right sides.
  • 「キテンの葉」制作例1:西田幾多郎記念哲学館

    “Kiten Leaf” Example 1: Ishikawa NISHIDA KITARO Museum of Philosophy
    The layout was based upon materials put together on the theme of “sitting” and “An Inquiry into the Good”. Materials were also selected from subject matters that were difficult to exhibit due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • 「キテンの葉」制作例2:大阪市立中央図書館

    “Kiten Leaf” Example 2 : OSAKA Municipal Library
    We compiled materials from the library’s collection related to modern architecture. Since the digital archive is available on the library’s website, the reader can easily move from a print to web medium for a more in-depth search on the subject matter.


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