ISI / い し

size: H165 W215 D50mm
material: Japanese Paper, Stainless string, Copper
weight: 3.5g(paper stone)
2022, Made-to-Order

It rolls along the river bottom and eventually becomes a “stone” on the riverbank where it arrives. Its various shapes and textures are a phenomenon that expresses the “flow of time. I intended to extract the “lingering memory of a certain place and time” that the stone represents, and I used Japanese paper to represent the “ISI” drifting there. The word “isi” means “stone” in Japanese and has the same pronunciation for words meaning will, intention and thinking.


¥35,000 (税込 ¥38,500)

size: H165 W215 D50mm
material: 和紙/Japanese Paper, ステンレス線/Stainless string, 銅/Copper
weight: 3.5g(paper stone only)
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