Syale Kutani

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A reproduction of an old Dutch book,
re-reproduction to Kutani painting plate

A Kutaniyaki Plate with blue painting. The motifs were extracted from a reproduction of an old Dutch book handed down by the Maeda Tosanokami family in Kanazawa. I imagined that the story would be spun by reproducting by a modern craftsmanship. It is the good size for a confectionery plate.

お皿は、「蘭文伊曽保物語 断簡」の資料解説をあしらった包装紙で包まれて桐箱に入っています
  • 権力者に媚びへつらう愚か者なカメレオン
    A chameleon always sucks up to authorities
  • 欲望に正直で滑稽な男
    A funny man true to his desire

  • An idiotic lion drown in desire of control

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Syale Kutani

¥3,500 (税込 ¥3,850)

size: D124 × H24mm
weight: 150g
material: 陶磁器/
Finish: 九谷焼染付(手描き)
option: 桐箱
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