Warande Der Dieren

Narrative from Dutch to Japan

Traditional Japanese folk tools and antiques that are considered “obsolete” in this day and age. However, we can feel and appreciate the passing of time through these old artifacts. I’m inspired by the‘spirits’ these old tools carry and try to bring about a change in attitude. Emphasizing the contrast between the old tools, characterized by their deep textures and atmospheres not present in mass-produced products, and modern industrial materials such as brass and glass. Brought together and combined in a classical yet sophisticated new form. By reinterpreting these “old tools” in a contemporary way, a change occurs that transforms the object into a “more attractive tool”.

2018年に行われたイベント「Narrative Talk」。前田土佐守家資料館の学芸員による文献資料の解説や、九谷焼の絵付けに施された皿など発表した。

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