Marubon / Night ZOO

As the Curtain of Night Fell, Chill Out with Animals

It’s a tray made by Japanese lacquer ware. The white of Japanese lacquer is a natural white made from Tree Sap. It’s more like a cafe latte. The animals drawn with the lacquer white color look good in the dim light of the night. These are tea trays that are nice to use for relaxing evening time.

A Cat staring at the sight at night

Journy in the sky, Whale on the sea

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A duck that doesn’t see the night,
staring at a dream in the morning

Moonlit night jungle, a breathtaking chameleon

Giraffe in the dream

  • パッケージにはラフな質感の濃藍紙の金留め箱を使用しています。
  • それぞれのアニマルの原画になったイラストのポストカードが付いています。
  • ギフトとして、そのままで上質な雰囲気を持ったパッケージです。

Marubon / Night ZOO

¥16,000 (税込 ¥17,600)

size: L245 × W245 × H24 mm
weight: 100g
material: 栓 / wood
finish: 拭き漆 / lacquered
technique: 漆絵 / Urushi Painting
Important points