Syale Kutani UTUSI

D132 × H80 mm
material: porcelain
specification: crazing “Kannyu”

Across the boundary and capturing the Beauty

In Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City, where a region of lacquer ware, there is a processed material made from wood called “Arabiki”. This is the original “bowl material” used to carve out bowls of various designs. I was fascinated by that the pre-design shape of becoming a “tool.” I then created a “reproduction” of the shape created by the wood, replacing it with Kutani ware. It is more primitive, before it became a tool, and it feels solid and comfortable in your hand.

底面にはRYOSUKE HARASHIMAのイニシャル「r.」の印が入っています
九谷焼の技法を用いながら新しいあり方や、デザインで“遊ぶ(=洒落)”「Syale Kutani/シャレクタニ」シリーズです。

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Syale Kutani UTUSI

¥4,800 (税込 ¥5,280)

Size: D132 × H80mm
Weight: 1150g
Material: 陶磁器
Finish: 九谷焼 釉薬/貫入仕上げ
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