size: L225 × W225 × H1300 mm(stand type)
produce: MC co.ltd

Simple and clean
Here to welcome your hand

The simple and softly curved design welcomes guests with a Japanese minimal hospitality look. The front panel is able to design for the scene. Also, if the panel is decorated with Japanese traditional crafts, it is a great way to show your hospitality in a more radiant way. For both visitors and receivers spend more polite moments.

  • レギュラーパネルはシンプルなホワイトパネル
    Basic panel is a simple white
  • 店舗ロゴなどをデザインすることが可能です
    Can be printed with store logos, etc
A traditional craft version of Yamanaka lacquerware with “wiping-lacquering” and lacquer painting
Traditional craft version with gold leaf from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
The tray is collaborated with the “soil”, a diatomaceous earth goods brand from Ishikawa Prefecture
Wall-mounted type. The panel has a hotel logo design
The tabletop type has a larger Soil tray. The panel is black lacquer

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